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Want to Design an App? Keep These Tips in Mind

So you want to design your own mobile app. You’re in good company. As of right now, there are over 1.4 million apps in the Apple App Store alone today. Enterprising developers auto forward spy free download have been making new and innovative smartphone apps for years. Whether you’re looking to develop an app for an Android or an iOS device (or maybe both), you may want to keep these tips in mind before you start coding away.

Have a Solid, Well-Defined Concept

The most important part about setting down to design an app involves figuring out what the app is. In order to successfully create an app that people will use and enjoy, you need to have a solid, well-defined concept of what this app does and why people should download it. Keep your ideas simple. Your app shouldn’t be doing everything but rather it should be doing one thing very well. For example, MyFitnessPal isn’t a social network. It’s an exercise tracking app. Facebook might have a lot of features but when it first began it was just a social network for college students.

Be Sure to Have a Solid Support Team

Whether you’re primarily developing your app on your own or you have a small team working alongside you, you want to make sure that you have support to fall back on. Even if your only support network is your mother and two of your best friends, you need someone who’s willing to give you necessary feedback and, as we’re going to talk about in the next entry, help you test your now-developing app.

Test Constantly

Be sure to test your app constantly as you develop it. Nothing kills an app faster than an app that’s buggy and full of glitches. Have other people test it too. This will give you an idea for how your concept appeals to average users and how real people will actually use your app. Make careful notes of any bugs or issues you notice as you test your app and strive to make your app as clean and bug free as possible before you actually try to release your app to a wider audience.

It’s Hard to Make Money

But it’s hard to make money by selling a mobile app. So don’t go into app development solely with the idea of making a profit. While plenty of apps do become surprise hits and make their developers virtual millionaires, even the most experienced marketers and developers can’t predict what will strike the public’s interest. Apps are rarely profitable. It’s predicted that less than 0.01% of apps uploaded to both the App Store and the Google Play Store are actually successful and profitable. Add in the fact that Apple takes a cut of 30% on all profits in App Store apps and you’ll be lucky to see a grand. What to make of this? Don’t use app development as a get rich quick scheme. Do it for fun or as a way to provide a helpful service to others. And if you actually do turn a profit, well, that’s just a happy bonus.

Keep Improving

Even if you have less than a hundred fans of your app, the most important thing you can do is to keep improving. This will show users that you care about your product. Support and update your app constantly. Continue to improve your skills. And if you release one app out into the world, it definitely doesn’t hurt to consider trying again. Every time you develop an app, you learn something new. And it never hurts to create more apps, just to continue improving on yourself.