5 Things You Should Never Do On Social Media

Using social media is a great way for businesses to reach new customers and interact with existing customers. But there are some mistakes that are often made on social media that can really hurt a business. You’ve probably read stories in the news about businesses that ended up tanking because of social media mistakes. Social media can make or break a business. Make sure that it doesn’t end up hurting your business by avoiding these common social media mistakes:

Don’t Spam

One thing that people hate is social media accounts that do nothing to promotional posts. People expect to see relevant and interesting social media posts, not just promotional posts. And they definitely don’t want to see a business post the same promotion 20 times in a day. Instead you should be posting only one or two promotions per day and they should be spread out through the day. Your other posts should be topical and fun and designed to get people to interact. Ask questions or create a poll. Respond to other people on social media. Don’t just promote your business. You never know who is going to conduct a background check on you!

Don’t Take Advantage Of Bad Situations

This is probably the number one mistake businesses make on social media. When there is a news story breaking or something big happening don’t try to use that to your advantage and create a promotional post about it. Businesses can fail miserably after trying this stunt. As an example consider the San Antonio, TX mattress store that tried to promote a 9/11 sale on mattresses by making a video for social media featuring two mattresses falling like the Twin Towers. The business got so much hate and negative press it ended up shutting down to regroup. If there is a national event you can post about it but don’t use it to promote your business or brand. Post something appropriately respectful and leave it at that.

Don’t Argue With Trolls

Every social media has trolls. Trolls are people who live to fight with people online. They make nasty comments. And they argue with everyone. Sometimes they get pretty heated and insult people. If your social media account gets targeted by a troll the best thing to do is not to respond at all. Block the account and report it.

Don’t Post Poor Quality Things

Social media posts are short but they should always look professional. Remember that they are representing your business. Check the grammar and spelling of the post. If you’re using a photo make sure it’s a high quality image. Don’t use images that are in bad taste or risqué. Use proper English and don’t swear or use a lot of slang. Even in a short social media post you can represent your business well. If you are posting a lot of text read it over before you post it to make sure it makes sense.

Don’t Post Anything Offensive

Remember that your business social media accounts are not your personal accounts. Leave your political views, religious views, and other hot button views off your professional social media accounts. There is no faster way to sink your professional reputation than to post something offensive or controversial on social media. If you do post something that is offensive you run the risk of having your business targeted for a negative social media campaign. Those campaigns can and do ruin businesses. So keep your personal views and opinions off of your professional social media if you want to be sure that your business will continue to thrive. And don’t let your employees post their personal views and opinions on your business social media either.

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